Burr Strength | Train your body, mind and soul. Leave nothing – Die on E.

Loudoun County's Premier Athletic and Fitness Training Service.

At Burr Strength and Performance, you will get the results you desire. We offer Adult, Youth and Athletic Services in the forms of Large Group, Semi-Private and Private settings.

Our facility offers everything you need to drive the results home. Why waste your time with other gyms in the area that have machines clogging the space, gym's that offer "classes" that do nothing more then let you think you are working out, and trainers who barely have any knowledge of their field.

At Burr Strength and Performance, we have 4 goals that we reach every day for you.

  1. Keep you safe during training - we only do movements you can handle; once the basics are mastered we take you to the next level.
  2. We teach you why we do things a certain way - we want you to be able to train on your own safely and learn from us!
  3. We want to see you reach your goals and then a little further - we reinforce this with follow ups on social media, phone calls and pushing you beyond your comfort zone daily.
  4. We train not only your body, but your mind and soul - everything is connected. You will see amazing results in every aspect of your life as you begin to train with us.

Why waste your time with other gyms? Sign-up today or contact us for a free trial! We offer services for all skill levels and ages for almost any goal. Come train the real way become an engine that doesn't fail.

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Training Camp

  • The Flag Ship Program.
  • Very Affordable way to get Semi-Private Training.
  • Morning, Evening and Weekend Hours - Flexible.
  • 30 and 60m options.
  • Starting at $80.00 per month.


Jump Start - Save 20% off your first month!

Open Gym

  • Play in the gym on your own - no coaching.
  • Morning and Evening Hours with limited weekend hours.
  • Clients who get a cumulative of 1 hour per week (Open Gym and Private) get free Open Gym.
  • $85.00 per month.

Krav Maga (Self Defense)

  • Learn Krav Maga from Anis!
  • Mental Toughness, Light Sparring and learning how to deal with street terrain.
  • $150.00 per month


  • Christy and Kelly Teach different nights!
  • Come out for a fun way to dance some calories off!
  • $10.00 per class

Kickboxing Bootcamp

  • Learn kickboxing in a bootcamp setting from Jenny
  • Gloves provided, but we recommend you invest in a pair!
  • $99.00 per month

"When you die, Die on "E".... Leave no Dream behind... Leave NO Opportunity behind! Accomplish everything you can." - Eric Thomas