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Group Classes
Group training is fun and very affordable! Pay for what you want!

Build your Own Package!
Classes with a * are excluded from the deal. Some Classes have an individual rate. Contact for details.
1 Class - $49.00 per month
2 Classes - $79.00 per month
3 Classes - $99.00 per month
4 Classes - $119.00 per month

Include Open Gym - Save 15% off Open Gym -- All Open Gym Packages Include a free membership when you train 1 hour or more total per week.

Drop In Package - (Normally $100.00) - 10 sessions for $80.00


- Bootcamp 60m
Coach: Joey Burr

Unlimited Classes! Breathe, lift and sweat your way to your fitness goals. This class has a slightly higher impact rating (jumping) but everything is modifiable! This class is for everyone who wants to have some fun and sweat doing it!

Tuesday/Thursday -- 5am, 8am, 630pm.
Sunday -- 7.30am

- Kettlebell 45m
Coach: Joey Burr

Unlimited Classes! Swing your body into shape with this low impact, high intensity class. This class is fast paced but for all levels!

Tuesday/Thursday -- 6am, 7am
Saturday -- 7am

- Fundamentals 45m - $10.00 drop in (FREE with any package)
Coach: Joey Burr

Unlimited Classes with any package! Refine your skills on 2-5 movements then we put it all together for a kick ass 15m workout at the end!

Saturday -- 8am

*Athletic Development 45m - $160.00 per month
Coach: Joey Burr

2 classes per week! This class is geared towards athletes looking to make their bodies an unstoppable force with an engine to match. Speed, agility, power and mental toughness!

Monday/Wednesday -- 5pm
Monday/Wednesday/Friday -- 730pm
Tuesday/Thursday -- 4.15pm

- HIIT 45m
Coach: Kelsey Marsiano

Intense bursts of physical activity followed by short recovery periods combining body weight and some higher intensity moves with resistance bands and other equipment. This full body workout improves both strength and endurance and is fully adjustable to your current fitness level.

Monday/Wednesday -- 6pm