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About Joey

Joey has played many sports - started with teeball at a young age, moving to soccer for most of his childhood, then football for 2 years including Freshman Football at Loudoun Valley. Then he wrestled for one year, and then found out about Rugby and played 3 more years in High School and 4 in college at Longwood University.

He got into weight lifting around 10th grade and didn't know anything and had almost no results. He then started reading a lot more in 12th grade, decided he wanted to do something with sports in college and settled upon being a Kinesiology major after his first semester. From there, his knowledge grew rapidly as he was surrounded by other like minded individuals. He coached Division 1 Athletes for 3 years while at Longwood as an intern: Baseball, Womens Soccer, Field Hockey, Cross Country to name a few. 

After School he decided to open up his own business and train athletes according to his beliefs and systems as many of your chain gyms do not give you as much freedom in training - most of the systems they use are outdated and inferior to Joey's Methodology. 

Joey currently competes in Power Lifting in the 220# weight class. He has 2 golds and 1 silver to his name, along with 3 Virginia State Records. 

Joey is a Qualified and Licensed Training Professional with experience staring in 2011.


Joeys Vision

Burr Strength: Giving the freedom to move and function properly while building lean muscle, losing weight and increasing conditioning for all clients in a safe and healthy way.


Joeys Commitment

As your trainer, I pledge that I will:

  1. Keep your safety as my #1 Priority when training,
  2. Push you to achieve personal greatness,
  3. Set you up to reach and exceed your goals,
  4. Provide you with training that is top quality,
  5. and make you sweat and curse my name the next day!

As my client, I require you to pledge that you will:

  1. Inform me if any movement or exercise is not working for you,
  2. Notify me about your goals - both short and long term,
  3. Eat correctly for your body to grow and get good sleep,
  4. and how up ready to work hard and push yourself every time!